MTurker New Yorker (it rhymes!) (kinda)

A recent study on insomniacs was published in the journal “Frontiers of Psychology” using MTurk workers (177!) to complete scales on their bedtime behaviors.

Even more interesting to me, though, is that this got covered in the New Yorker and I’m wondering if this might be the first time a very credible non-academic publication talked about an academic study using MTurk. Probably not, but maybe the first one in the New Yorker.

Plus, “Frontiers of Psychology” is no fly by night journal. It is fairly new, but it has an impact factor of 2.8 and ranks 20 out of 127 in¬†Multidisciplinary Psychology.

I’m hearing mixed results about how journal editors and reviewers view MTurk studies, so I’ll be tracking MTurk study successes.

Reminder: if you use MTurk for academic research, please answer a short survey about your experiences: here . Thanks!

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