Quick Tip: TIME YOUR SURVEY (updated with MATH!)

Before you post your survey on MTurk, have friends/students/colleagues take the survey and time it (Qualtrics does it for you, or use the old fashioned “look at your watch when you start and when you stop” way).

That way, you will
a. Know how long it will take, on average, and you can include this in your HIT description
b. Know what to pay people (MTurk recommends .10 per minute. However, why not pay y the US minimum wage of $7.25 per hour:  pay .12 per minute. Or if you are in our home state of Oregon, where minimum wage is $9.25 per hour, pay .15 per minute).*
c. Be able to track if workers are speeding through too quickly (see our previous post on attention checks) or are taking too much time (and try to figure out what the bottleneck is).


*Thanks to Kristy for this recommendation. To find out the minimum wage in your state, click here. To figure out the rate per minute, divide the minimum wage by 60. Then multiply that number by the number of minutes that your HIT will take.

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