European Parliament on Crowdsourcing

The European parliament issued a report on how emerging technologies are coming to Europe and hypothesizing how it might change the landscape. If you click on the link on this post, you can download the whole PDF. The two technologies are the collaborative internet and 3D technology, and even manage to merge the two (I guess someone in the US is crowdsourcing the 3D printing of a car).

One thing they said:

Overall, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding will create and strengthen
communities of people with similar interests, mostly unhindered by national borders. This
will contribute to the accelerating process of the world becoming more homogeneous across
the different countries, while instead being more fragmented across cultural and social
group categories. This presents policy makers with a huge challenge – how can the power of
the “wisdom of people” be harnessed while avoiding the emergence of conflicting factions
across Europe?

Really? Strengthen communities of people with similar interests? Unhindered by national boarders? Not sure I agree with the European parliament on that. As many of you know, Amazon is not incredibly welcoming to people outside the US, either as requesters or workers. But if the Parliament’s vision of the future is true, what does that mean for MTurk?

One thought on “European Parliament on Crowdsourcing

  1. I think the kind of crowdsourcing the author is talking about there is more of the Wikipedia type (“communities of people with similar interests” has really never been descriptive of MTurk, aside from an interest in making money doing repetitive tasks 😉 ).


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