Memory checks: your thoughts?

I wrote a post before on attention checks and received some great feedback.

I read this post on Mturk central, written for workers, on how to prevent rejections. The post advocates for making sure you pay attention to attention checks (well, that is kind of a duh, yes?) because you could get rejected.

It also cautions about memory checks, but doesn’t suggest failing the memory check is the same grounds for rejection as attention checks. A memory check is a question at the end of the survey that asks you to recall a fact presented earlier in the survey. The study might have shown you a picture of someone, and then at the end asked you the person’s race. It might have told you that you found $50 in a cash machine slot at the start of the study, and then at the end ask you how much money was in the slot.

To me, a memory check might be used to group workers into ‘paid a lot of attention’ or ‘paid minimal attention’. But I’m not sure. So–

Requesters–if you use a memory check, share why in the comments!
Workers–do you agree that failing a memory check isn’t generally cause for rejection?

I look forward to your responses.

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