Fun with IRB

I wanted to collect data from Requesters about why they use MTurk, how they determine what to pay, and how well accepted their work is by their peers. So I thought–well, I’ll just use the interface on the MTurk site.

I filled out the IRB paperwork and sent it over to my Human Subjects office. The response: you have to get permission from Amazon to use the interface to conduct research.

OK. That should be straightforward, right? So I sent an email off in the ether to customer service and got a reply saying the person needed to check it out and to give them a day or two.

A week later, I get the reply.

It isn’t against any policies for you to reach out to the Requesters. After you have sent your message, you may need to wait a few days for a reply. Some Requesters do not monitor their messages every day.

I’m not sure how my IRB will react to that–it isn’t a welcoming statement, but hopefully they’ll say it is OK.

If you have collected data using MTurk and you want to tell me about through my snowball study, please click here!

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