My Prolific Academic experience

I ran a quick study (on the curiosity-creativity connection) on Prolific Academic on Sunday to see what the service is like. I ran the same study on MTurk, but it really isn’t an apples to apples comparison since the MTurk Study was posted midday on Sunday while the Prolific Academic study was posted on Sunday evening.

And I know this because I took advantage of the screening feature on Prolific Academic which allowed me to select people to answer the study who were citizens of the UK currently living in the UK. I thought perhaps I could do a little comparison between US and UK (probably won’t happen).

Interestingly, Prolific Academic let me know the number of potential respondents who met my criteria. And the number was something less than 1300 people. So it is safe to say that Prolific Academic isn’t quite the powerhouse that MTurk is, yet. It took about 3 hours to get 50 responses (compared to less than an hour on Mturk). Setting up the study was a bit confusing because I”m used to MTurk and requesters can’t participate at workers and so I couldn’t really translate my inputs to what the workers would see. And there’s some confusion with the required ‘confirmation’ link but I figured that out (put that link on the ‘thank you’ page after the results are submitted to Qualtrics.

I had to pay using a credit card although payments to workers are apparently made via PayPal. I wish I could have paid via PayPal as well (I wouldn’t have had to get out of my chair to get a credit card, which is just me being lazy).

I did have someone use a Pop Up chat box to see if I needed help. So that was nice.

I’ll do comparisons of the results tomorrow.

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