MTurk vs Prolific Academic: the demo edition

I ran the same study on both MTurk and Prolific Academic. It was a ‘creativity’ exercise and I asked each group (about 50 in each) to spend five minutes doing the task.

The Prolific Academic group ended up being a pretty close male/female split, with about 60% 18-24 and 35% 25-34.16% had a bachelor’s degree and 20% had more than that. I think a lot of the respondents are still students, but I’m not sure.

The MTurk group was also a pretty close gender split, and this group was older: 50% were 25-34 with only 14% 18-24. A third had a bachelor’s, 16% were beyond that education wise.

On MTurk the average time spent was almost six minutes.I have to calculate it by hand for Prolific Academic.

Like I said it was a small sample so I’m not sure how much this is telling us.

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