The short, sad life of Promoted Hits

Notice anything different earlier this week?/ According to this blog, MTurk briefly experimented with promoted HITs. Similar to to Promoted Tweets on Twitter, apparently Requesters could pay to have their HITs highlighted to workers.

I did not see this on my MTurk worker page, so I’m wondering if HITS are only promoted to certain workers. Or if MTurk took this down sooner than we thought for whatever reason.

I also didn’t see information on my Requester pages, so I’m wondering what is happening with this. If you have any information, please share.

My own thought: any money that goes into promoting a HIT should instead go into paying Workers. Just sayin’.

One thought on “The short, sad life of Promoted Hits

  1. It was only up for less than 24 hours. From the mass of complaints, I think it was shown to all workers, or at least all US workers. It was promoting one Amazon-owned requester account’s HITs, but also had a link to a generic contact form for other requesters to theoretically inquire about promoting their own HITs. Hopefully its swift disappearance indicates they realized what a bad idea it was on multiple levels and it won’t be back, but you never know.


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