Harvard provides ‘journalist roundup’ of ‘the sharing economy’

The Shorenstein Center at Harvard publishes a nice weekly roundup of resources pertaining to current affairs. This week they tackle the sharing economy which as readers of this blog know is a term that is just, well, awful.

But anyway. Not a lot on MTurk that I can see but:
-apparently society is arguing about whether it brings more opportunities to more people or is creating a working underclass (spoiler alert: if requesters pay appropriately this isn’t an argument)
-lower prices (for Uber compared to cabs) boost demand (for cheap cab rides) creating more opportunities (more Uber work). Think this through with me though—isn’t there a point of diminishing returns? Economists? Help me out here!
Juliet Schor (love her…hey Juliet Schor come visit this blog! argues for the democritization of the sharing economy structure.

Lots of links that you (and I) might wish to explore later.

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