Differences between Turkers and Uber drivers, part 2

Rochelle wrote me that Turkers don’t work off an App (and Uber drivers do).
Turkers and Uber drivers must both pay taxes, but Turkers do not receive 1099s.

And more:
Turkers rarely get bonuses, but often Uber drivers get tips.
Uber rents smartphones to workers, Amazon doesn’t rent anything to Turkers.
Uber drivers can only work for Uber, but Turkers can work for other Crowdsourcing sites.
Uber offers car loans, Amazon doesn’t offer any types of loans to anyone in the world.
Uber drivers can be terminated if they don’t pick up enough passengers, Turkers can be blocked for ‘poor work’.
Uber drivers can be stabbed and choked by clients, Turkers can be blocked for ‘poor work’. Neither drivers nor Turkers get workmen’s comp.
Uber drivers are hated by cab companies, Turkers are not even on the radar of their biggest competition for academic research, college students.

One thought on “Differences between Turkers and Uber drivers, part 2

  1. It’s nothing like physical assault, obviously, but aside from rejections (loss of income and ratings) and blocks, Turkers can encounter problems such as malware, phishing, and extremely disturbing images of various kinds.

    The competition factor is more of a potential concern for the non-academic types of HITs, I think. Work which could’ve been (and sometimes previously was) performed by employees with benefits, gets pieced out to dozens/hundreds/thousands of turkers instead.


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