The Chronicle Exposes MTurk

You’ve probably seen the article from the Chronicle of Higher Education which touches on a lot of the challenges/issues of using MTurk for academic research. My thoughts:

-we must stop always connecting MTurk with “cheap and quick”. It seems like the lede in every story and that could also be its downfall.

-I haven’t done a lot of studies on MTurk (maybe ten so far?) but none of them have skewed female. So we probably need to stop that myth too.

-the contention that “IRB boards may or may not be of help” is misleading, imho–they are not of help, as I’ve researched and written about (and had the opinion piece turned down by the CHE–with a note that they were about to publish ‘something’ on MTurk ‘soon’…which I think was this piece. I have submitted the piece to another education journal, but will publish it here too.

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