Will Turkers Ever Unionize?

Probably not, says Kristy Milland in this article in Fast Company (HI KRISTY!). To quote:

“It’s just impossible,” says Kristy Milland, an organizer among Mechanical Turk workers, who, like Uber drivers, are independent contractors. “We don’t know how many Turkers there are,” she says. “How could we get even a majority of those to vote on movements? We can’t guarantee someone striking, because we can’t even see them. For so many reasons, a union just can’t work.”

If you read this article, you’ll see that one reason why unionization is even floated is because of bad academic research practices on MTurk. And it isn’t just the money issue–it is the type of data collected that has little or no respect for the humanity of Turkers.

Seriously: Amazon needs to make every academic complete 100 HITs before he or she can register to be a Requester.

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