MTurk study shows that colors influence diffusion via social media

A new study by Bakhshi and Gilbert shows that red, purple and pink colors on images promote sharing on Pinterest while green, blue, black and yellow suppress it. This was a several part study, which first looked at image sharing on Pinterest and what colors appeared most often, and then MTurk was used to make sure that the dominant color found in the image v matches what people actually perceive.

This study is interesting since a. it uses MTurk, b. it doesn’t rationalize or ‘sell’ using MTurk, it just uses it and c.this:

“We had to remove 18 (less than 1%) of the images due to inconsistency between Turkers’ responses.”.

This is terrific support for showing that MTurk respondents are thoughtful participants in academic research and do not seem to be ‘ruining’ it due to their expertise in academic research participation (see previous posts if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

Congratulations to the authors of this interesting study.

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