Gig Economy/Collaborative Economy: The end of unemployment?

Forbes Magazine asks that question in a new article. And the author, Micha Kaufman says that

We could be looking at a future in which “a fraction of the work force would perform a portfolio of gigs to generate an income — you could be an Uber driver, an Instacart shopper, an Airbnb host and a Fiverr seller.”

I don’t really know who he is quoting with this.
He argues that this ‘portfolio of gigs’ will help the underemployed and the overworked.

Maintaining a portfolio of income sources means these variations don’t hit as hard. When your income is from a single predictable source, there’s zero volatility — until that prediction goes wrong, and then it’s a crisis.

I think a weakness here is that the same skills that make a good Uber driver makes a good AirBnB host and a good Turker. And that the work is always out there, waiting to be had.

I get that a good day on MTurk might result in a bad day as an Uber driver and that Kaufman thinks it will all balance out. But does being a good Uber driver help you be a better Turker? Or vice versa? And do Turkers really want to have a portfolio like he envisions?

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