A Flashy-er MTurk?

This new service, Interview Jet, is matching workers with employers, albeit on a permanent level. They’ve just received $750,000 in funding to expand. Imagine what Amazon could do with that! Oh wait, they have it.
Anyway, here is what they do:

Each week we feature a select handful of the most talented and sought-after developers, designers and data science talent to our member companies. Once talent is featured, employers have 72 hours to request interviews with candidates directly through the platform.

They call it similar to ‘flash sales’.
And here is how they compare themselves with MTurk:

What advice can you offer companies in New York that do not have a fresh injection of capital in the bank?

You don’t need to build everything yourself and you don’t need to hire full-time employees when you are early-stage or bootstrapped. There are a ton of external resources you can tap into for part-time or task-based work. One that we leveraged early on was Amazon Mechanical Turk. We also think it’s good for early stage companies to be creative and aggressive in finding ways to reach their customers directly without relying on traditional marketing or PR.

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