Is Crowdwork Accessible?

This blog post from the Crowd Research blog by Meredith Ringel Morris discusses a new study examining whether people with disabilities participate in crowdwork like MTurk. The good news is that yes, many of these people have tried crowd work: 12.4% of a sample of 486 American adults with disabilities have done so. The article also points out “three tiers of accessibiity” that are particularly challenging: the usability of software (that could be challenging for people who have vision problems), the structure of tasks (challenges for tasks that require hearing but don’t indicate that in the HIT) and “fundamental accessibiity of new job experiences”…challenges with learning about crowd work in general.

This study gives some design ideas which also apply to Requesters designing HITs (if you need the Turker to hear, indicate that) and also raises key questions about how (and whether) crowdwork sites need to comply with the Americans with Disabilities act.

The full paper is here .

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