Complementary Talent

This article argues this:

Many believe that a new social contract between talent and employers must be brokered if the gig economy has any chance at sustainability. It’s becoming more difficult for these employers to make the case that the situation is good for both consumers and talent, when the discontentment of workers has achieved such visibility. And yet, there are countless workers who want the flexibility, balance and autonomy that the gig economy purports to offer.

The author argues that complementary talent is the answer. This is the idea that the workforce can be flexible in picking jobs but still get some level of benefits and support from employers:

“Strategic, assignment-based talent work directly for staffing curators, who maintain absolute compliance as the W2 employers of record. Complementary talent reap the benefits of contingent work without incurring — or presenting — the risks that ICs bring. “

So a person isn’t an independent contractor, but more like a long term flexible employee (sort of an employee at will)?

Right now, we’re witnessing forward momentum in the complementary talent space, with advances in social recruiting, online marketplaces, employment branding, candidate branding, interaction-based job applications, video interviewing and a host of alternative strategies aimed at placing top talent in optimally matched business cultures. And all without the risk or brewing dissent that’s plaguing the gig economy.

I have a lot to learn about this new type of employment. Anyone familiar with it who can share some links?

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