Average MTurk wage less than $6/hour

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to any Workers. I’m collecting data on Requesters to examine how much people are paying for HITs. I don’t have a very rich data set (50 respondents so far, and several of them only gave me an hourly or a HIT rate…not both. And some gave me nothing at all). But on average, the HIT cost is .67 and the hourly rate is $5.90.

I have data from several different departments, which show this:Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 12.08.50 PM

Right now, the highest hourly wages are paid by people who are not affiliated with an academic research group (but who might be posting things for other academics) with an average of $9/hour (n=2. Yep that is very small. Very very small). The sciences (again, n=2) pay $7.17, and business (including marketing) (n=7) pays $6.14 and computer science (n=8) pays $6.25. My own discipline, communications (n=3) pays $6.38. Psychology (n=9) pays $5.18 and sociology (n=1 so this is meaningless) pays $1.50.

I will continue to collect data and update this; also note that ANOVAs currently show no significant differences between these groups, yet. Back soon with data on medians and modes.

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