MTurk Workers Assist with Google Glass app

This article describes a new app for Google Glass which teaches public speaking skills.

The technology, named “Rhema,” makes use of the heads-up display capabilities of Google Glass to notify a speaker if they need to adjust their pace or volume.

As a professor, this sounds awful. There are enough critics in my head, I don’t need one on my face. But hey, Turkers say ‘it is better than nothing’:

Rhema was tested in-person by over 30 native English speakers and online by 10 Mechanical Turk workers. Mechanical Turk is an, Inc. service for outsourcing simple tasks. The consensus was that Rhema’s feedback is more helpful than no feedback at all and more helpful than continuous feedback. Even Hoque has been known to use Rhema, citing modest success from the real-time feedback in improving his lectures. “Just the reminder is very useful,” Hoque says, citing Rhema’s usefulness, even for experienced speakers.

Enjoy, while I sit here and contemplate why Google Glass is still around. But hey, so is Second Life.

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