Salon reports on Big Data, Automation, Privacy and MTurk

Yep, all in one article, right here. This is an excerpt of a new book by Jacob Silverman.

“Making consumers complicit—yet far from partners—in the data trade would only increase these inequities. We would experience data-based surveillance in every aspect of our lives (a dream for intelligence agencies). Such a scheme would also be open to manipulation or to the kind of desperate micro-labor and data accumulation exemplified by Mechanical Turk and other online labor marketplaces. You’d wonder if your friend’s frequent Facebook posts actually represented incidents from his life or whether he was simply trying to be a good, profitable data producer. If we were to lose our jobs, we might not go on welfare, if it’s even still available; we’d accept a dole in the form of more free devices and software from big corporations to harvest our data, or more acutely personal data, at very low rates. A gray market of bots and data-generating services would appear, allowing you to pay for automated data producers or poorly paid, occasionally blocked ones working, like World of Warcraft gold miners, in crowded apartments in some Chinese industrial center.”>

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