Meanwhile, In Australia..

..researchers are investigating whether a platform  called Microworkers can be used for academic research. Microworkers is a global platform with more than 771,000 registered participants (according to the site, This platform seems similar to MTurk with a few exceptions: the site will intercede if a worker has a complaint (that’s good!), Workers only get paid twice a week (that’s odd), and allows some tasks that MTurk does not (traffic for your website, Likes for a video you want to be popular).

“Providing a first indication of the viability of Microworkers as a recruitment platform for Australian participants by Australian researchers, we were successful in acquiring our desired sample size. Moreover, the recruited Microworkers samples were demographically diverse (in a similar fashion to Internet samples in general), and produced valid psychological data.”

Crone, D. L., & Williams, L. A. (2016). Crowdsourcing participants for psychological research in Australia: A test of Microworkers. Australian Journal of Psychology.

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