MTurk is as good as Craiglists, better than using students FTF

OK nothing that we really don’t know in this study, except that I haven’t seen a lot of studies that recruit via Craigslist. Here’s the scoop:

“The present study collected data using the World Health Organization’s WHOQOL-BREF instrument across four different types of data collection methods which included’s Mechanical Turk,, college students completing the survey online, and college students completing a survey in a traditional face-to-face format. Feldt tests comparing observed Cronbach’s alphas to alphas from a published validation study and confirmatory factor analyses corroborated the use of online data collection for quality of life for the general public and college students.”

However, there was a lack of internal consistency in the face to face format for college students.

Craigslist? Really? I guess you can get people to work for free?

Here’s the citation:

Shawver, Z., Griffith, J. D., Adams, L. T., Evans, J. V., Benchoff, B., & Sargent, R. (2016). An examination of the WHOQOL-BREF using four popular data collection methods. Computers in Human Behavior, 55, 446-454.

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