Turker job satisfaction study

This is an interesting study that shows  Turkers report some similarities in terms of job satisfaction than other workers.

“Worker satisfaction was consistently negatively related to turnover as expected, indicating that this traditional variable operates similarly in the MTurk work context. However, few of the traditional predictors of job satisfaction were significant, signifying that new operational definitions or entirely new variables may be needed in order to adequately understand the experiences of crowdsourced workers. Coworker friendships consistently predicted information sharing among Workers. The findings of this study are useful for understanding the experiences of crowdsourced workers from the perspective of I–O psychology, as well as for researchers using MTurk as a recruitment tool.”


Brawley, A. M., & Pury, C. L. (2016). Work experiences on MTurk: Job satisfaction, turnover, and information sharing. Computers in Human Behavior, 54, 531-546.

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