More Lessons from a Worker Perspective

I spent some time as a worker today and completed some fun tasks. My favorite was ‘name that butterfly’. I also did an interesting task on thinking up passwords.  But here were some issues I found:

  • Rewards continue to be problematic. Sixty cents for a twenty minute survey is crap. I can see how a researcher is thinking that this is a Very Worthwhile HIT Reward but it isn’t. Figure out the hourly wage, people. $1.80 per hour is insulting.
  • Spell check, in the name of all things holy. If there is a spelling error on the first page, there will be more errors throughout and that means I don’t know what you’re asking. If I don’t know what you’re asking and I answer wrong, you may not pay me. And it isn’t my fault. So, spell check.
  • Make the link to the survey clickable and don’t expect me to cut and paste. If I’m borderline about doing a HIT, having to cut and paste might be the thing that encourages me to move to the next HIT.
  • Use your name and affiliation in the HIT description and as your real Requester name. Because I don’t think Michael Turk is a real person, I’m not doing his HITs. If there really is a Michael Turk, I apologize to you. Recommendation: say your name is Michael Turk of Turk Research Labs or something like that.

Of course, these are just my own rants–but I’m going to collect data to see if my rants are shared with other Turkers. Stay tuned for that!


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