Making Turk better for Workers

Here is the full text of a new publication about designing HITs that workers will be more likely to accept as these design elements address some key Worker concerns, particularly the concern of unfair rejections (as perceived by workers).  These rejections come from poorly designed surveys, unclear criteria for rejection, inexperienced requesters, and more. The authors recommend several important fixes such as:

  • a straightforward appeal process for rejected work
  • automated feedback in task design
  • a design collective of workers and requesters

It is an interesting article with interesting ideas, but the question remains: will Amazon ever care enough to get Workers and Requesters to address these important issues?

Citation: McInnis, B., Cosley, D., Nam, C., & Leshed, G. (2016, May). Taking a HIT: Designing around Rejection, Mistrust, Risk, and Workers’ Experiences in Amazon Mechanical Turk. In Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 2271-2282). ACM.

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