MTurk Workers more verbose!

A new study provides more evidence that Turkers aren’t racing through studies. A new study used a prompt to write about environmental  issues  from either a collectivistic or individualistic point of view and then checked to see whether any differences in attitudes and behaviors occurred based on the specific prompt (there was also a control group, where people were asked to write about their day). The study used participants form the Audubon Society as well as MTurk. The Audubon Society is a wildlife conservation group.

So in the essay tasks, Audubon participants wrote 41 words (median) in 3.5 minutes (median) (participants were asked to spend 3-4 minutes writing). Turkers wrote 72 words (edian) in 3.2 (median) minutes. The word counts were higher for the ‘control’ condition in both groups.

That is a lot more words.

The whole study is really interesting and provides a novel method to manipulate a condition.

Citation: Obradovich, N., & Guenther, S. M. (2016). Collective responsibility amplifies mitigation behaviors. Climatic Change, 1-13.

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