WTFriday: MTurkers and ‘Smart Closets’

I don’t even know what a smart closet is. The Google reports: “Take an outfit from the closet and a computer will scan your calendar. “Good morning,” it might say. “Don’t forget you have a client meeting today. What you’ve picked is a bit too casual.” A screen on the closet door would then go on to suggest clothes that might be more appropriate. ” So that’s a smart closet. What I want to know: does it straighten itself up? Does it say “no, don’t wear that sweater;   you think you can get a third wear out of it but honey,no”?  Does it say “if you haven’t worn those shoes since 1998 I think it is safe to toss them”?

But I digress.  there’s a whole study about motivations to have a smart closet:

“Consumers’ confidence in using smart closets was increased as performance was higher, while it decreased as technology was rapidly moving. The current study, for the first time, indicated that fear of obsolescence is not always an unfavourable condition. Although rapidly changing technology impeded self-confidence in using smart closets, it also increased social influence, which in turn enhanced purchase intention.”


Perry, A. (2016). Factors that influence consumers’ purchase intention of smart closets. International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education, 1-10.



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