Examining Turker’s mental health

A new study suggests that Turkers differ from the population at large, mental health wise. The researchers collected data from over 1000 Turkers

“Results revealed that MTurk participants endorse clinical symptoms to a substantially greater degree than traditional nonclinical samples. This distinction was most striking for depression and social anxiety symptoms, which were endorsed at levels comparable with individuals with clinically diagnosed mood and anxiety symptoms. Participants’ symptoms of physiological anxiety, hoarding, and eating pathology fell within the subclinical range. Overall, the number of individuals exceeding validated clinical cutoffs was between 3 and 19 times the estimated 12-month prevalence rates. Based on the current findings, it is argued that MTurk participants differ from the general population in meaningful ways, and researchers should consider this when referring to this sample as truly representative.”


The importance of assessing clinical phenomena in Mechanical Turk research.
Arditte, Kimberly A.; Çek, Demet; Shaw, Ashley M.; Timpano, Kiara R.
Psychological Assessment, Vol 28(6), Jun 2016, 684-691. http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/pas0000217

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