Preach it, Kristy!

Kristy Milland is very well versed in MTurk, and she was recently interviewed by The Nation about academics using MTurk. She points out the problems with the MTurk population beyond their non-naivete, and that is that many will say they have a particular characteristic (such as being a cancer survivor) in order to be eligible for a survey when in fact they might not have the characteristic. Here is what she said:

But as an academic herself, Milland points to what’s really driving the gigification of scholarship: a globalizing academic landscape that markets both knowledge and labor as packets of data. “The real issue is publish or perish, as that is what is driving them to make these potentially fatal mistakes in order to pursue a paper. If we don’t change that system, they’ll just find another non-representative population to exploit.” ”

It seems that the other side of the coin is that we need better funding for academic research and better mechanisms for accessing populations of interest, which is increasingly challenging in our privacy-driven society.

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