MTurk to charge for Qualifications

Remember a while back when Requesters got all excited because Amazon was having Workers do (unpaid) qualification tests with the idea we’d be able to select Respondents based on age or gender?

Well, buttercups, The Blog “Tips for Requesters on Mechanical Turk” posted that Amazon was planning to charge Requesters for these Qualifications! The rumor is that they will charge 0.50 per worker if you limit by age, gender, education or employment. .50 per qualification. So if you want to do a survey of women college graduates 25+ who are employed full time, that will cost you $2 in addition to what you’re paying to the Worker.

And I’m guessing (although I don’t know) that Susie Smith who graduated from the University of Smithville who works for Susie Corporation won’t see a penny. I hope I’m wrong.

Argh. I know Workers hate screeners but honestly, do a short screener, give someone .03 if they get screened out, and then have the rest do the HIT. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?

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