Turkers attracted to low pay/high volume HITS?

That’s the conclusion from a recent study:

“These results suggest that AMT workers use the pricing of individual tasks as a signal in order to assess the difficulty of tasks when choosing among HIT groups,
particularly low prices in order to assess easiness.
As a consequence, workers might be collectively driven towards high
volume but low price tasks since they would select HIT Groups in terms of their expected
wages, and since low price would signal easiness, in a sense “like” a more detailed
description. This interpretation could explain why we do not find any elasticity of work
supply in our dataset with respect to the pricing of individual tasks, even when this pricing
changes for the same task.”
I have to admit, though, much of this paper was way over my head.
Find it here and explain what it means to me please: http://ipp.oii.ox.ac.uk/sites/ipp/files/documents/IPP2014.pdf

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