New MTurk policy reduces screeners, adds costs

MTurk is offering a new premium service which will allow requesters to screen out people without having to do a screener test. For example, now they will provide your HIT to people based on their primary mobile device, their political affiliation, or their marital and parenthood status. There is, of course, a price and it isn’t clear whether this gets passed on to the workers (my guess is that it doesn’t). The cost is .40 per assignment for political affiliation and .50 for the rest. Which is odd, because getting Republicans is really hard and these days they could probably charge 3x that for republicans.

I really don’t think this will save a lot of money for Requesters, especially if it is a quick survey that you might pay .50 for (a 3-4 minute one) and now you’d have to pay $1.00 (but again, probably not going to the Requester). You know, I’d rather they spend their time figuring out a way to pay people a tiny amount to do the screener and then pay people the full amount once they’ve passed the screener.

Have you used this? What do you think?



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