HITs ‘dried up’ when Amazon raised prices

Remember about a year or so ago, when Amazon upped the prices on the types of HITs most academic requesters post? We wondered how it would effect workers. This article shares the story of one worker:

“But after Amazon increased the fee it charged “requesters” to post HITs to 20 per cent of what they pay workers, he says HITs dried up and pay rates dropped. “Now we as workers have to be competing against other workers to grab these good HITs.” Lately he has discovered a newer site, Sticky Crowd, which shows him videos and web pages and uses his webcam to track exactly what he looks at and what he ignores — useful information for advertisers. The pay is better: a dollar for every 2-3 minutes of eye-tracking. ”

I wonder if anyone has looked at actual decreases in academic work, or if we just have anecdotal evidence.

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