New MTurk Requester Templates

Look! An improvement in MTurk!

MTurk has created four templates so Requesters can quickly post HITS around four topics:

  • Sentiment of a Tweet: analyze whether a Tweet from Twitter is perceived as positive, negative, or in between. This new template requires a Requester to only provide the URL of a Tweet to get started. Requesters can use this template to evaluate the health of their brand, perception of a particular topic, and much more.
  • Collect data from a Website: get help from Workers to gather data from a website. Requesters provide a URL and the list of things they’d like to gather. Requesters can use this template to gather contact details for a business, the types of products the company is providing, hours of operation for local restaurants, and more.
  • Choose image A or B: compare two images to understand the ways in which they’re the same and different. Requesters provide links to both images, and the instructions of what they’d like compared. This template can help Requesters compare two logos, select the clearer or two images, assess whether two products are the same or different, and more.
  • Transcription from a Receipt: extract important information from an invoice, bill, or receipt. Requesters provide an image of a receipt and the details they want captured. This template helps Requesters looking to process expense reports, invoices from vendors, purchase orders, and much more.

The first and third *might* be of use to some academic researchers. Bu wouldn’t it be nice if there was a template for things like PAYING FAIRLY and appropriate consent procedures?


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