Google Surveys: An MTurk Alternative?

Maybe I’m still a bit freaked out by “The Circle” but I’m a little cynical about Google Surveys. Please note I haven’t tried using Google Surveys for data collection and so my cynicism comes mostly from what I read in their online materials. Here are my topline thoughts:

  1. It’s expensive. To ask 2-10 questions of a general American sample it costs $1. Add in gender or location and that goes to $1.50. Ten questions doesn’t get you very far–at all–in academic research.
  2. They recommend having 1500 participants. For validity. Of course they do!
  3. Not sure who the respondents are, or how they are being compensated.
  4. I worry, frankly, that Google has access to the data—something Amazon does not.

On the other hand, they do have panels which are kind of cool.

There’s a study by Pew about Google Surveys and there’s nothing really breakthrough to report.

Have you used Google Surveys?  What do you think?

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